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Language courses are a life investment!

Before starting a language course, take a placement test to determine your level.


Everyone is welcome:

- Children (Early Years Age 4+ and Young Learners Primary School Grades 1 - 4);
- Children and Teens (Middle school – Secondary school students);
- Higher Education;
- Adults;
- Companies and Businesses.

Language courses:

- Internationally accredited assessments – Annual or Intensive Courses;
- Summer Courses;
- Private language lessons;
- Courses abroad.

Children – English courses for children from the age of 4 upwards:

Early years classes (Age 4+) are a time to:

- provide contact with the English language and culture, nurturing young children’s ability to learn naturally;

- foster an engaging attitude in relation to foreign language learning;

- adopt an interactive playful-learning approach to develop concentration and memorisation skills;

- early years classes can be taught in nursery schools, after-school centres or on our premises.

Young Learners (Primary School Grades 1 - 4) – English:

English classes to improve your child’s performance at school, and to provide a differentiated curriculum through the Cambridge English Language Assessments (Young Learners), from the age of 7 upwards.

Our most popular courses:

- Conversation Courses;
- Preparation courses for the Cambridge English Language Assessments;
- Courses in the areas of Health/Law/Tourism/Banking/Secretarial /Marketing/Architecture;
- Courses Abroad.

Teens – English – French – Spanish – German and Portuguese for foreigners (A1→C2)

- Group classes;
- Private language lessons;
- Classes are streamlined with technology for your benefit. All of the classrooms are equipped with: datashow, wi-fi and, the course programmes are interactive and tailor-made according to each student’s goals;
- Classes will focus on authentic language using current and everyday topics;
- Class exam preparation lessons for Cambridge English Language Assessment Exams for all ages to prepare students to sit internationally accredited exams.

Language Courses for Adults and Professionals

English – French – Spanish – German  - Mandarin – Russian and Portuguese for foreigners (A1→C2)

- General/Academic and Business Courses;
- Classes can either be held on our school premises, company site or online.  

We believe that corporate language learning is an important pillar for companies across the globe. Our professional language courses are customised to meet the needs of each company and its employees. Choose content and training programmes in alignment with your business goals.

- Annual and Intensive Courses – group classes or private language lessons;
- Courses Abroad (minimum duration - 2 weeks);
- Conversation Courses;
- Language Courses with Interactive Methodology;
- Obtain an internationally accredited qualification in any of the target languages available.

Training on company site

- Free Placement Test and Needs Analysis;
- Social and business interaction;
- Interview techniques;
- Review of grammar topics essential for communication;
- Development of written communication (emails, reports, minutes of meetings, etc);
- Effective verbal communication skills foster excellent business relationships (speeches and presentations, face-to-face meetings, case studies, business and telephone discourse, teleconferences);
- Interactive Methodology;
- Specific Courses to prepare for other internationally accredited exams;
- TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL/ILEC (Law) English Language Assessments.


Students from 10th - 12th years

The School of Languages promotes intensive and annual language courses, aiming at the preparation and success in the entrance examinations to Foreign Universities. Many students since 1998 have been able to realise their dream and follow their professional vocation, guaranteeing access to the course they wish to study abroad. It is advisable to have an individual meeting with the student and his/her parents in order to clarify the process.


Courses Schedule - Daytime/After-Work

Schedules are elaborated according to individual students availability.

Note: Before starting a language course, take a placement test to determine your level.